This is a section where you can store footage you like from your favorite models for easy retrieval anytime. Thus, all your purchased and saved content can be found in just one place. You can access it by clicking on “My Collection” in the upper-left corner of main page, under the gender category tabs.
Your saved photos and videos are sorted by models. You will get a folder for every model you save content of.

Paid content:
When you buy paid content from any model, these photo and/or video albums are automatically added to “My Collection”.

When you decide to save a recording of your Private Show with a model, as soon as you hit “Save”, the video slips in “My Collection”.

To remove any of your paid content from here, enter the model’s folder in “My Collection” and click on the edit button in the top right side. A trash can icon will be displayed next to each album so that you can remove the one you want. In case you ever regret this action, you will have to go to the model’s profile, enter the album and click on the “+” icon next to the album’s name to restore it to your collection.

If you buy any footage from a model whose profile is later deleted or banned, you will keep this content in your collection and still be able to access it anytime.

Non-paid content:
Non-paid content can also be stored in your private collection, but in this case you have to do it manually: when you click on any album in the model’s profile, you will see a “+” icon next to the name of the album. Click on it and it will be added to “My Collection”. You can undo this anytime by clicking on that same button or from your collection settings, as explained above.

If you save any footage from a model whose profile is later deleted or banned, know that this content will be deleted from your collection. On the other hand, the model can change the status of non-paid content to paid at any time. In this case, you would need to buy it in order to have access to it.

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