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Ready to be your own boss and work from the comfort of your home while making some serious cash? SupportLiveCam is waiting for you! Become a member of our great big family and make a living from making people happy. And by happy we mean HAPPY.

Become a Model

Create Model Account

Creating a model’s account with SupportLiveCam is free of cost and consists of 4 simple steps: email verification, profile settings, identification and model agreement.

STEP 1: Email verification

Email confirmation received

Start off by clicking here. Then, choose a username and introduce your email address. You’ll instantly receive a confirmation email with your unique password that you can change anytime in “Settings and Privacy”. It is essential that you verify your email once you receive this confirmation by clicking on the “Confirm Email” button. After that, if everything is successful, you’ll be redirected to your model account to start creating your profile.


STEP 2: Profile settings

Now it’s time to complete your profile information such as name, age, country, body type, etc., and upload your avatar or photo. This information will be visible to users whenever they enter your profile.

STEP 3: Identification

This is the most crucial part in the process of becoming part of SupportLiveCam. You need to complete your personal information and upload your documents to verify that you are the legal owner of the account. This information will not be visible for visitors on the website and it will be crosschecked with the given documents. For this reason, it’s important that you write your full name exactly as it appears on your ID.

Documents you need to upload:

  • A close-up picture of your ID – if your ID has relevant information on both sides, please include the two of them.
  • A picture of you holding your ID close to your face and a piece of paper with the current date and your account username written by hand.

The size of both photos needs to be at least 500x500 pixels and important information on them must be clearly readable.

If you wish to register as a couple or a group, once you upload the documents for the first person, you’ll have an “Add another person” button in order to register more people. The process for any additional participants would be the same; uploading documents and filling personal information. Take note that you can only have a maximum of 6 people registered to one account.

STEP 4: Accept Model Agreement

We’ve already reached the very last link in the chain. Upon completion of all the previous steps, now all you have to do is check the Model Agreement box that appears at the bottom of the “Identification” page to agree to the rights and responsibility that you take by collaborating with SupportLiveCam. Click then on “Request Approval” and that’s it! All set to go!

Our team will review your documents within 3 days, and once this is done, they can either be approved or rejected. You will receive a notification via email in both cases and can also check the status of your application under the “Documents” menu. Good luck!

Completing your Profile

Already looking at how to complete your profile? That probably means your account has been approved. Welcome aboard!

My Profile

This section is accessed from your drop-down menu and is where you edit your custom information panels and your video and photo albums.

My Information

Here is where you can edit your personal information visible for users.

Avatar and background

You can edit your avatar photo anytime, and also add a background photo or video, which will be displayed at the top of your profile page.

Profile content

Profile content is arranged and displayed in custom panels. You can create your own personalized information panels and lay them out your own way. Write anything you want to share with the world – from your likes to your show schedules – and jazz it up adding images and hyperlinks to your social media. You have the option to make an artwork out of your public profile.

Photos and videos

Upload your special photos and videos and create albums that you can sell to or share with users. You decide whether you want to set them to a public or private status (only for friends, paid, etc.)

Epic Goal

You can get your audience to help you reach a special goal with their tips. It doesn't have to be stream-related, so it's your chance to dream big and add anything you want to achieve, as long as it doesn’t compromise our broadcasting rules. Once you enable it, the Epic goal will always be available and visible to users in your profile. Users’ private and public tips, as well as content purchases count toward the Epic goal. This means that Epic goal shows how much you've already collected in tips and content sales since you set the goal. It's not some extra tokens you will get – you already have them.

Broadcast Schedule

You can add your stream schedule and let members know when you will be streaming so that they can be waiting for you. Select the days and time slots you want, and it will be published in your profile for everyone to see.

Start Broadcasting

Start broadcasting

From the technical side, all you need is:

1. Internet connection of at least 1 Mbit/sec upload speed. To avoid annoyances, we recommend to better use cable, as Wi-Fi might not be stable enough.

2. Computer with a dual-core CPU at least and 4 GB of RAM or your mobile device.

3. Webcam or camcorder with a capture card. If you need a hand here, our recommended webcams are Logitech c920, Logitech Brio, Logitech c930e, Logitech PTZ Pro/Pro 2, and if you're looking for the pocket-friendly one, Logitech 9000.

4. Splitter to split the signal in case you need to send it to two or more devices. At SupportLiveCam we are not jealous, so if you wish to work on other more platforms at the same time, we will support you and still be your friend. Note that if not set right, the splitter can lower the quality of your camera, so make sure you select the same resolution on both the splitter and our site to provide a clear camera image.

Even though it's not mandatory, we highly suggest you broadcast using OBS Studio. This is an open source streaming software that enables higher video and audio quality to deliver a professional stream. Refer to the How to use OBS studio page to learn more.

Once the equipment is covered, click on “Broadcast Center” on the top of the home page. Then you will land on the Broadcast Center, which is a page with relevant information regarding your profile status, stats, and online activities that we advise you to read before going online.
The Broadcast Center consists of 4 parts:

  • Profile status: at the top of the page you can see how many steps you have left to fully complete your profile (if any), along with the steps checklist. Remember that a complete and detailed profile is essential to have a good StripScore. Moreover, users also love to see detailed information about models and tend to add those with cool and appealing profiles to Favorites. Moral of the story – the more info, the better.
  • Dashboard with stats: here you have all the essential information to analyze your performance and keep track of your revenue. StripScore, Total Favorite Count, Private Show Rating, Income per Hour, Next Payout, and Promo Period for new models.
  • Model news: we want you to be in the know of everything new and cool. If you want to take a peek at the latest models news, here you’ll find them.
  • Model rules: we recommend you to always check our models rules before you stream. To make sure that you don’t skip it, we added a link to the rules so that you can access them directly from here.

When you are ready, check the checkbox at the bottom to agree to our terms, and click “Set Up & Start Broadcast".

Now that you are already in the broadcasting page, it’s time to add the finishing touches before going live. Select your camera, microphone and resolution from the drop-down menus. If you’re using a splitter with the webcam, you should select your webcam as the microphone device, since it can be split to many platforms. Right below, you will have the button to switch to your External Broadcast Software (OBS).

My Details

My Details

In this tab you will find:

  • My Show’s Activities: select the activities that you perform in all types of shows and also the ones that you perform exclusively in Private/Exclusive Private shows so that users know what to expect from you. Moreover, you can include your own custom activities for your Private shows in “In Private shows I also do”. All the activities you include in “My Show’s Activities” will appear in your Private menu, which is an interactive list for your Private shows where users can directly request what they want you to perform during their Private session with you.
  • Offline Status: deliver a message to your users when you are not online, such as your schedule or a headline of your next stream. It will be displayed on the broadcasting window each time you go offline.
  • Your Pricing: set the prices for all your types of shows and their minimum duration time.
  • Current Show Persons: in case you have several people registered to your account, you have to choose who’s going to stream.
  • Stream Specifics: if you’re going to perform an activity that fits into one of our special categories, you can select it in this panel so that your room is displayed in that special category.

My Show Controls

In this tab you will find:

My Show Controls
  • Goal: tell users what special performance will take place in your public chat room; e.g. “Squirt show and anal”. Set a reasonable goal amount that won’t be too difficult to reach so that everyone can contribute with their tips. Users also have the option to send you the whole amount of your goal in a single tip. Once the Goal is reached during your stream… it’s show time! You can add up to five different goals before you start your stream so that when one is reached, the next one can be automatically announced in your room.
  • Topic: describe your shows, make announcements, or share other things you want your users to know but always keeping it show or profile related.
  • Tip Menu: add up to 30 custom tip menu options of the activities you perform and put your desired price on them for users to make their requests during your broadcast. This is an interactive menu, hence the user can select the activity they want you to perform and automatically pay for it.
  • Interactive Toys: we support Lovense and Kiiroo devices, so in this panel you can connect them to our website following the instructions that will be presented to you. Set the reaction time and vibration level and have them react to tips.
  • Who can chat: select who can chat in your room. Set the chat only to registered users with verified emails, users who’ve bought tokens or subscriptions, or to everyone.
  • King of the room: you can decide who’s suitable to wear the crown in your room and set the minimum amount of tokens that users should tip to become the King. You can select among different options ranging from 0 tokens to 500, or add your custom amount. You can only change this setting when you’re offline, not during the show.
  • Twitter autopost: you can enable this feature to automate show announcements. Thus, each time you start a show, a tweet with a link to your room will be posted to your Twitter account. You can also edit the tweet and include your custom message.
  • Record show: you can allow recording of your public and Private shows to have some passive income. Users will be able to record them and keep a copy in their personal galleries.


In this tab you will find the Extensions Library with all the available bots and widgets. These are customizable interactive features to enhance your chat room experience for users and create amazing content. Adding an extension to your room can be a simple and effective way to engage more with your audience.

To get started with extensions first you need to choose the one you want to add to your room from the Extensions Library, and install it in a couple of clicks. Once an extension is installed, it will appear above the Extensions Library, ready to be added to your room by simply enabling the switch.

  • Welcome Bot: it’s your opportunity to make a good impression with your users. You can send your custom message to every new visitor in your room – a greeting message, an announcement, or even your room rules. You can add up to 6 different custom messages (one for each user type), or you can send the same one to all users. Welcome Bot also allows you to choose who to send the message from, add emojis and mention users. Nonetheless, it doesn’t send messages to users in invisible mode.
  • Tip Reaction Bot: with this bot you can send a gratitude message to users who tip you and to every new King in your room. You can add up to 6 different custom messages (one for each type of tipper), preset the tip amount range to prompt the message and set your message to be visible to everyone in the chat or only to the user who tipped. Tip Reaction Bot also allows you to choose who to send the message from, who can see it (only the tipper/King or everyone in the chat room), add emojis and mention users. Nonetheless, it doesn’t send messages for anonymous tips.
  • Announcement Bot: if you need a helping hand during your streams, Announcement Bot is the assistant you’re looking for. You can focus on the performance and leave technicalities like sending custom messages on your chat to Announcement Bot. Remind your viewers about the Tip Menu, encourage them to interact with your toy, or invite them to Private and Exclusive Private shows. You decide what to say and how often. Announcement Bot also allows you to choose who to send the message from, what users to send it to, add emojis and mention users. Nonetheless, it doesn’t send messages to users in invisible mode.
  • Wheel of Fortune: the game is on with Wheel of Fortune. You or your viewers can spin the Wheel during the show and win an activity that you then perform for them. You decide what activities to include (between 4 and 20) and how much you charge for a spin. You can create up to 3 Wheels and viewers will be able to choose which one they want to spin. The Wheel will only show on the screen when someone is spinning it.
  • Polls: create your own polls to get to know your audience better in a fun way. You can ask anything you want and add your custom response options. Set a duration time, a price if you want, and let the voting begin. Once the voting time is up, the results will be automatically announced in the chat.
  • Reactions: your viewers can send paid animated reactions to the screen of your broadcast. For them, it's a way to support you and get your attention. For you, it's a way to have more fun with your audience and more tokens.

Done with all the main settings? Great! Hit “START SHOW” to add the finishing touches. A confirmation panel will be displayed for you to check and edit your Goal, Topic, Current Show Person, Stream Specifics and tweet. After, hit the definitive “Go live” button to start broadcasting, and voila!


In your drop-down menu, there’s a section named Feed where you can create your own posts to share with users who have you in Favorites: your plans, thoughts, memories, impressions or anything else you’d like them to know. Furthermore, each time you have updates or make changes to your content, it will be automatically posted to Feed. You can edit or delete any post.

On the other hand, users can purchase your content directly from Feed and even send you tips.

To find out about the secrets to become a successful model, please refer to our guide Guide to improving your StripScore. It will show you everything you need to know about how to broadcast on SupportLiveCam in order to make a good profit.

Private Requests Offline

If you don't want to give a public show yet are willing to take up Private shows, this is the option you should be looking into. You can set times when users can request a Private show with you while you're offline. Just make sure that you're close to your computer/mobile device and ready to jump on cam within 10 minutes, in case you receive a request.

Mobile Broadcasting

Who said you couldn’t make money chilling outdoors? SupportLiveCam supports mobile streaming, so grab your Android or iOS device and take your users with you to your favorite spot. If you want to make the experience more unforgettable and add an extra layer of interaction, you can take your Kiiroo toy with you for your outdoors show.

To broadcast from your phone you just need a phone device that supports WebRTC. If this is the case, you'll be good to go. Broadcasting from your phone is so simple to do that you don’t even need to download any app.

1. Open your mobile browser and log into your model account.

2. Click on the menu button on the top right corner of the page.

3. Click “Start Broadcasting”.

However, we must not disregard that live streaming brings along challenges and an element of the unexpected – that’s part of what makes it so interesting! Follow these guidelines to you ensure a smooth mobile experience.

  • If you are an Android user, access the mobile version from the latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you are an iOS user, access it from your Safari browser.
  • You can’t rotate your screen once you start your broadcast. That’s why in order to stream in widescreen, you must hold your phone horizontally before you hit the button “Start broadcasting” and land on your broadcasting page.
  • Unfortunately, the mobile broadcasting technology we use on our site is not supported by all the devices out there. You won’t be able to broadcast using Honor, ZTE or Huawei smartphones. Overall, we can’t recommend any Chinese phones due to technological incompatibility, but here’s our list of recommended devices for mobile broadcasting: Samsung Galaxy S8+, S9, S9+, S10, S10+, iPhone 7 and above, Google Pixel 2, Sony Xperia, and tablets.

Our 17 ways to make money

Tokens are our online currency, and each token is worth $0.05. Working as a model on SupportLiveCam comes with different options to earn these tokens:

1. Online tips: users can tip you while you're broadcasting as an appreciation or for a request. Make sure you list your activities with prices in your Tip Menu so that users know how much to pay for each request.

2. Offline tips: users have the option to send you tips even when you are not online.

3. Interactive toys: you can connect your Lovense and/or Kiiroo toy(s) to our website and have fun while making money. Set the reaction time and vibration level, and have them all react to tips.

4. Topic/Goal: describe in your Topic what’s taking place in your chat room and the type of performances you put on. Then, motivate users in your public show to tip by announcing a special public performance in your Goal. Set a goal amount and once it’s reached by all the tips received in the public chat room, make sure to deliver a show they won’t easily forget.

5. Epic goal: you can get your audience to help you raise money to achieve a special goal. Unlike normal goals, Epic goal will always be available, so users can tip to help reach it even when you’re offline.

6. Private Show: you set your own price per minute and the requester enjoys an intimate show just with you. However, spies can enter the Private Show.

7. Record show: you can allow recording of your public and Private shows to have some passive income. Users will be able to record them and keep a copy in their personal galleries.

8. Private Show recordings: you have the option to record your Private Shows and save them to your video gallery. If you choose to publish them, you can do so under a paid video status and therefore make some extra cash.

9. Spies: users with tokens can sneak a peek into what’s going on in your room for free only once the first 10 seconds, and if they are left wanting to see more, they have to pay your set price to continue spying. They cannot chat, only watch.

10. Group Show: this is like a Private Show, but an unlimited group of people can join. You decide and set your preferred price and users pay per minute. Let them know whether the show will start immediately or in 10 minutes and prepare for the fun.

11. Ticket Show: it’s a regular Group Show but instead of setting your rate per minute, you set a fixed price that users must pay with their tips once you announce the show in order to join.

12. Exclusive Private show: this is just like a Private Show (you also set your price per minute) but the requester can turn on his camera and microphone and thus see each other. You can offer some extra activities that will be exclusive to this type of show. Spies are not allowed. After the show is done, the user will have the chance to keep a recording of it for himself in case you enabled this option. However, you won’t be able to save the show.

13. Fan Clubs: this is a subscription service that you can enable anytime to get passive income on a monthly basis from your loyal fans. Learn more about Fan Clubs.

14. Referral Program: you can invite your friends and acquaintances to SupportLiveCam through our Referral Program and add a 20% extra on top of every referred user's token payment. To know more about our it, read our Referral Program section below.

15. 3-Hourly Contest: each 3 hours we reward the top 5 earning models with StripPoints and cash prizes. Only online tips count for the contest.

16. Monthly Contest: according to how many StripPoints you received from the 3-Hourly Contest, you can opt to win up to $1000 every month.

17. Sell your content: not only you have a choice to create public albums for all users or just Friends, but also paid albums for anyone willing to give tokens. Add your best shots and videos, set the price and get some passive income.

18. Charge for content via private messages: you can send users photos and videos and charge them to receive them. Likewise, users can also send you photos for a price of your choice if you decide to charge them.

Your earnings statistics page

The key step to improve and grow your revenue is to analyze and keep track of your personal performance. That’s why you have an earnings page that allows you to dig into your stats. You can access it through the token balance button at the header.

There are 4 different panels with data at the top of the page.

My Rating: one of the elements that take part in ranking you on Stripchat's index page is StripScore, a scoring system whose value is shown in this panel along with a progress bar representing your position toward the ideal StripScore value.

To know more about StripScore and learn what factors are involved in its boost, check our StripScore page.

Followers: here you can see the total number of users who have you in their Favorites.

Private Show Rating: this panel shows you the score of your Private Shows – based on users’ rating – and the number of votes you received. The score is calculated on a scale of 1 to 5.

My Performance: this is your average hourly income, which we calculate based on the number of tokens you earned in your last 30 hours of broadcasts. If you made for example 30,000 tokens, you would see 1,000 tk/hour and the equivalent in USD.

Below these panels, there are two tabs, one named “Earnings” where you can see all your earnings sorted by transaction, and another one named “Paying Users”, where transactions are sorted by user. In this last one you can see tip earnings broken down by source (public tip, Spy Mode, Private Show, Fan Club, etc.), date of the last tip, and total amount of tokens. You can also search for specific users and see their tipping history in your chat room.

Stats update every 24 hours and can be filtered by period: current month, any of the previous four, or lifetime.

With this tool you keep track of your earnings and analyze how users respond to your content. Therefore, making the most of it can help you skyrocket your earnings.

Designating your Knights

Designating a Knight

You have the possibility to make some of your most loyal users your Knights. This post entails the ability to mute users who are being rude or offensive – only for 24 hours –, thus a Knight is your right hand in helping you moderate your room.

To turn someone into a Knight, hover over their username in your chat room and in the popped-up user card you will see a shield icon next to their name. Click on it and this user will immediately become a Knight and appear in your Knights section in your profile. However, only Ultimate users can become Knights.

Adding Friends

Users can send you friend requests and the choice to either accept them or decline them is on you. Moreover, you can also send friend requests to users provided that they either added you to Favorites, had a conversation with you before or were in your room. Thus, only members who have an interest in you will become part of your friends, leading to a more loyal and stronger fan base.

To send a friend request, hover over the name of a user in your chat room and you will see the option to add them.

Mass messaging users

Mass messages are a great and efficient way of communicating with users, while making money in the process. You have the possibility to send the same message to a large number of users at once with the mass message option. You will find it in the Messages panel, at the header next to the settings button. You have three groups of users that you can choose to send your message to: Fan Club subscribers, paying users who made any spending in the last 30 days, and Friends.

You can also send paid mass messages. These ones should contain content, either photos or videos (up to 5) that you can attach to your message. You set the price of your choice and users will have to pay the amount to unlock the footage.

Notice that you can only send one mass message per day, and one paid message in a row. So if for example you send a paid message today, tomorrow it will have to be a free one.

Banning and Unbanning Users

Unfortunately it can sometimes happen that you face some issues with a certain user that is causing trouble in your chat room. It is up to you whether to ban/mute users or not, Support will not interfere. But please be conscious about this decision, as you never know who might become your new top spender, so only make use of this feature if it is absolutely necessary.

Muting users

Muting a user

If someone's being offensive or very rude, you can go to the Settings and Privacy menu, and set who's allowed to type in your chat room or simply mute a single user.

You also have the option to hide messages from Grey users in the chat. However, these messages will only be hidden for you and visible to other users. You can enable this option in the chat settings, found on the top-right of your chat window.

If you want to keep your room profanity-free but do not wish to mute anyone, you can go to your Settings and Privacy page and enable the word filter. You can add up to 20 unwanted words or phrases, and all messages that contain them will be hidden from the public chat for everyone except for the author.

How to ban a user?

If there is a spammer or harasser in your room, you can ban them from your room for 30 days or forever. You can do this in the chat panel on the right side of their username.

How can I unban a user that I banned by mistake?

Go to your “Banned Users” list and click on the small pencil icon. Then, click on the small "x" button of the desired user and save.

How to unban a banned user

How can I report a user?

You can also just report users whenever you see them behaving inappropriately or violating the rules. Hover over their username in the chat to display their user card, and there you'll have the button to report them. Choose the reason for your report, and our moderation team will handle it. But don't over-report, or it could lead to penalties.

Stripchat's Referral Program for models

You have the possibility to boost your existing earnings by bringing in your friends and acquaintances to SupportLiveCam through our Referral Program. A 20% bonus on every referred user’s token payment – excluding anonymous tips – will be added to your account.

You must share in your social networks the referral link that you have on the Referral tab in your profile’s menu. Each person that signs up for SupportLiveCam using your link will become a referred user – on the 2 conditions that they register within the next 90 days from the moment they click on the link, and that they hadn't been previously registered on the site.

Each time one of these referred users spend tokens on you, an extra 20% will be added up to their token payments, thus increasing your $$. These referral bonuses will be updated every 24 hours and shown in your Token History as a total token amount from all users.

Rules for models

Read the Rules for Models carefully before starting to broadcast.

Models/Studios FAQ

Refer to our Models/Studios FAQ for further doubts.

Learn more about users

Find out about our different types of users in our main page

How to improve your StripScore and broadcast effectively

Learn how to make the most of your SupportLiveCam experience and earn more money in this article.

My personal seven steps to help you become a successful cam model

My personal seven steps to be a successful cam model written by one of our cam girls will help you kick off your camming career.