The Group show is a pay per minute private show that multiple users can enjoy in a more affordable price.

The price of the Group shows are generally lower than the traditional private shows since multiple users are contributing, so the model can still reach her desired goal with more people able to enjoy that show.

How to Join a Group show:

  • If a model has announced a group show then you can see that under her broadcast window next to the "Send Tip" button. Click on the "Group show" button and "Reserve your Slot for Free". Token charge will begin when the show starts.

  • If a group show is in progress, that will be shown in the broadcast window and you may click the "Join" button to join the Group show.

Group show interesting features:

  • Everyone can see the group chat but only the participants can chat.

  • Users can enter and exit the group show at any time.

  • There is no limit to the number of participants in a Group show.

  • If a model has announced a show they can cancel it at any time, users only start to pay once the show has started.

  • The model’s profile (index) picture changes every few minutes to show what is happening in the during the Group show. This way the user can get an idea of what is happening in the Group show and decide whether they are interested and would like to join and encourages them to join an ongoing show and therefore keep the show going longer.

A Group show can be stopped by the model at any time.

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